Technical data

The TRC361 aka RR-BM-7 is a Thomson VLF/LF/MF solid-state receiver made in the 70's.
This receiver came from the French Navy 'Henry' Aviso and spare parts from "Balny" Aviso.

This other Thomson VLF receiver is similar but not identical.

Both used the RM-BT-3A VLF/HF shift converter.

It can be seen on this picture of the Dugay-Trouin Radio-Room which comes from a YouTube URBEX film.

Here are its technical specifications:
- Receiving mode:
A1, A2, A3, A4, A3J, A7J, F1, F4 - Sensivity:
< 2uV A1, <30uV A3. - Frequency coverage:
100Hz steps from 14Khz to 1.7Mhz - Double conversion design:
1st FI: 8MHz, 2nd FI: 200Khz. - - Filters:
75Hz, 750Hz, 3.4kHz.


TRC361 - Front TRC361 - Rear
TRC361 - Panel TRC361 - Inside
TRC361 - Identity TRC361 - From a Thomson Datasheet

TRC361 - ABF TRC361 - AMF
TRC361 - CCL TRC361 - GND
TRC361 - DNA TRC361 - DNB
TRC361 - DNC TRC361 - DND
TRC361 - DNE TRC361 - VOP
TRC361 - FLT TRC361 - THF
TRC361 - RGA TRC361 - RGE

Last revision: 2007/07/03