TR-BP-3A (Radio Laboratoire Jaubert)

Technical data

The unit was made in 1947 by R.L.J (Radio Laboratoire Jaubert) in Nice (who also made the Rally Flippers in the 60's but that's another story).
It has been designed for the French Navy as a transmission unit between a 'barquasse' (pinasse) and the mother ship or the shore.

It includes:
- a 3W power AM transmission module driven by quartz between 1.5 and 4Mhz (1x6AK5,1x6AK6,2x6AQ5),
- a superheterodyne receiver driven by quartz or VFO between 1.5 and 4Mhz (2x6AK5,2x6AK6,1x6AL5,1x6BA6,1x6BE6),
- a power supply module (2x6BX4), one of the two following tupes: 6/12V battery or 120/220 AC.

I bought this unit in 2009, and haven't found time to restore it until now (2022).

A special and scarce version has been designed for the French SDECE (now DGSE) as a CW transmitter with a receiver fitted with a BFO.


TRBP3A - TRX - Original condition
TRBP3A - Handset - Original condition
TRBP3A - RX - Original condition
TRBP3A - TX - Original condition
TRBP3A - PSU - Original condition TRBP3A - PSU - Being restored
TRBP3A - PSU - Internal view TRBP3A - PSU - Internal view
TRBP3A - Mallory vibrator switching
TRBP3A - Receiver repair setup
TRBP3A - Accessories TRBP3A - Accessories
Unit working

Publicated: 2009/09/27 - Last revision: 2022/01/16