HP4192A Remote Control Software


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    This software allows your PC to control the HP-4192 LF Impedance Analyzer through its HPIB bus.
    It requires a GPIB card and the GPIB National Instrument drivers been installed on the control system or a Prologix GPIB/USB adapter.


    Run the application and select the 'config.' button to set the GPIB parameters.
    The 'HP4192.exe' can be launch with the '-clean' line parameter to clean the registry related keys and values.
    Measurement data set can be send to clip-board by pressing CTRL-C (Tabulated format) or to a Microsoft EXCEL sheet by pressing CTRL-E.
    Autostep measure will be enable through the 'Auto' option.


    Screen shots of the HP-4192 Application
    HF Preamplifier
    Non linear device

    Last revision: 2014/03/30